About us

Our company is located in a newly reconstructed area right beneath the chateau of Dolní Kounice, South Moravia. Here we have nearly 2000 square metres of production space to our disposal. We are very proud of our completely modernized premises housing wide machinery spectrum, offices and high quality work environment for all the employees. As there is still place enough, we plan even further improvements. To enhance our flexibility we would like to build our own paint-shop with painting wall, recuperative unit and other improvements as soon as possible.

We are one of the few Czech companies employing the latest technology such as five-axis CNC machine unit that can process pieces over 4 metres in length and 1,6 metres in width. Five-axis machine processing is capable of creating rather complicated and complex designs. It can also process large formats of practically any material. Thanks to our advanced machine we are able to provide any 3D shape, even a human bust. As a result we can offer unique and previously unseen elements for fair trade exhibitions.


Automatic Beam Saw BIESSE SELCO

WNR 610 TP (Twin Pusher) model

  • Maximum length of the cut panel 4 500 mm
  • Maximum width of the panel on the infeed conveyor 2 200 mm
  • Maximum thickness of the cut panel 90 mm
  • Maximum saw unit power 15 kW
  • Maximum saw blade rotation frequency 4 500/min
  • Maximum velocity of the saw unit carriage 140 m/min



CNC machine unit BIESSE

ROVER A 1643 model

  • Maximum length of the processed piece 4 320 mm
  • Maximum width of the processed piece 1 660 mm
  • Maximum thickness of the processed piece 225 mm
  • Machining electrical spindle power 13 kW
  • Maximum rotation frequency 20 000/min
  • Maximum vector velocity of X and Y axis 85 m/min



Our team

Petr Krejčí

Petr Krejčí

Business Manager

Rostislav Mazel

Rostislav Mazel

Technical Manager